Dive Watches

Also commonly referred to as divers´ or dive watches. Inspired by the legend among the diving watches – the Rolex Submariner – and as their name suggests – designed for deep dives. Their typical features are constant – you can dive, swim or enjoy the water any other way you like. But it is primarily their unique appearance they are worn for.

The watches in our offer are water-resistant 20 ATM - 100 ATM, with a rather large dial, a one-way revolving bezel and a luminescent cover on hands and indexes alike. The time is therefore clearly legible under any circumstances. The all-metal design merges sport with elegance. The watches are suitable for everyday use and can be worn with sportswear as well as with more formal outfits. James Bond did not hesitate to wear them with a tuxedo. Watch the time in style – while pursuing any activity in water or on land. In our offer, you can find the most popular brands of aviation watches such as Geckota, Tissel, Moscow Classic or Parnis. Which one do you desire?

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