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Geckota Limited

The Geckota brand was created on the initiative of Jon Quinn, who studied watch manufacture in his spare time. His passion led him to the idea to start developing and selling watches at a reasonable price, so he began to produce his own series of unique watches in 2010 under the name of Geckota.
Dials sophisticated to the smallest detail, top-quality cases and sapphire crystals, reliability and a timeless design - those are the qualities valued by the Geckota customers. The watch has a luminescence with greater brightness and a specially designed sapphire crystal with a bezel.
Our company is an official European retailer and a sole importer of the Geckota watches for the Czech Republic. After their introduction in 2014, the watches quickly became popular among satisfied customers. Since then, the number of their fans and their owners has multiplied many times. 

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